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Future Steps for Kids is a children’s footwear store designed by podiatrists. We offer great shoes and our staff are trained to correctly measure your children’s feet – ensuring a great fit everytime in shoes that are good for their feet.

Future Steps for Kids is owned and operated by The Podiatry & Biomechanics Co. (formally known as Freeman, Williams, Bertao Podiatry & Biomechanics). As Podiatrist we have been very concerned about the trend towards children’s footwear being purchased online and therefore not fitted. Our team of podiatrists work closely with the other local allied health professionals, including some paediatric physiotherapists. We all share these same concerns. We have watched local shoe shops close and have been frustrated in trying to access good quality shoes that have been properly fitted for our patients (and our own children!).

Often we make recommendations of footwear as part of a treatment plan for children with pain or other walking issues and we feel like we are sending parents on a wild goose chase to find these shoes, let alone get them fitted. We work closely with the local Athletes Foot stores who are excellent at fitting school shoes and joggers but unfortunately the options for pre-schoolers shoes are limited.

Then, we started to see the conversations on Facebook. Particularly some local mothers groups. Parents asking where to go to get their pre-schooler’s shoes fitted. We didn’t have any real options to give them.

Opened on the 19th July 2018 ‘Future Steps for Kids’, with the amazing help from shoe companies like Bobux, began retailing a small range of shoes for this spring and summer. If we get the support from local families we hope to slowly increase the range to offer more brands and styles by March 2019. These shoes will be picked by podiatrists as appropriate for the age and foot development stage of the child. The shoes will be fitted by trained staff and a podiatrist will be on hand to help with more complex cases. We hope we can also have greater reach to educate parents of the importance of having children properly fitted into supportive shoes.